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December 2007
Merry Christmas!!!!!!! December was a busy month for me. I shot the Crayola commercial, danced in The Nutcracker, had a few movie auditions (I am in the final mix for one, so keep your fingers crossed) and had my friend Molly here from Indiana. We had so much fun! I will be presenting male actor of the year and young female model of the year at the iPOP convention in January so keep your eyes open for photos soon! Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

November 2007
Happy Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, the writers are on strike right now, so auditions aren't happening as much. However....I do have great news! I booked a WORLDWIDE CRAYOLA COMMERCIAL!!!!!! Whoohoo!!!! They auditioned a lot of girls and I booked the lead girl! I am so excited and can't wait to get to set!!!

October 2007
Happy Halloween!! I dressed as a Laker Girl this year and had so much fun! I was on hold for Cold Case, but they decided to go younger at the last minute. Lots of callbacks again this month, so I hope it's my time soon!

September 2007
Wow....I can't believe I am in 6th grade! I am homeschooling with my friends Sammi and Taylor, so that's pretty fun. The work is much more challenging this year. I auditioned for the Nutcracker and guess what? I got in!!!!! I will be playing Clara's best friend and a garland girl and the best part is that I do the whole thing on pointe! I had lots of great acting auditions too and got really close on a part in the show Action News. I would have loved to have gotten that one because my friend booked one of the other roles and it would have been fun to work together. Oh well....maybe next time!

August 2007
I was so excited to see Saving Grace! It aired at the end of August. It was so strange to see myself looking so different. Man I looked like a real geek! I love working with everyone there and can't wait to go back! I had a lot of callbacks this month, so hopefully that means I will be booking something really big soon!

July 2007
July was so much fun! My family and I went to San Francisco to celebrate the 4th of July. We rode on trolly cars, ate at The Rainforest Cafe and watched the fireworks. I also booked and worked on a national Honda commercial. It was so much fun because I got to work with a dog on set for the first time. WOW! That's a lot of extra work! Auditions have started to pick up, so I hope to have some more news soon. Keep watching for updates!

June 2007
Yeah!!! I graduated from elementary school!!!! I'm a middle schooler now!
Our graduation ceremony was really nice and super fun. I got to perform a lyrical solo at the dinner. I also won the math award and shared the theatrical award. VERY cool! The other great thing that happened in June was my dance recital. We had three shows in two days so I was tired, but it was great!

May 2007
May was such a great month for me. I booked the recurring role of Mae Rodriguez on the new show Saving Grace. So far, that has been my most favorite show to work on. Laura San Giacomo (who plays my mom) ran out of her trailer when she saw me just to meet me. She was SUPER nice! Working with Holly Hunter and Laura was AMAZING!!!!! I loved watching them work. I hope I picked up a few things just from working beside them. I can't wait for my next episode!!!

Liv on the set of "Old Christine" with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. More photos
With Blair Underwood on the set of The New Adventures Of Old Christine - "Ritchie Scores". More photos